Money in a Beggar’s Bucket

BLOG Money in a Beggars Bucket Where did I learn that a good deed guarantees another in return? Maybe not right away, maybe a little down the road, or perhaps next lifetime…but a good deed will be repaid in kind. Really? Has that been your experience? If so, you are luckier than me. I think of this today because my ‘good deed’ of this morning –handing a dollar bill to a beggar holding out a bucket at a stop sign [...]

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Inquiring into our relationship to love

Have you ever noticed how our perception of the world shifts when we are in love? Or when we feel safely loved? And how different it is when you are experiencing a hurt or a rejection? Our inner state determines so much about how we perceive the world, how we perceive others. When we lose a sense of being loved, appreciated, safely held, we switch into a survival consciousness in which the world is an unsafe place and we need [...]

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Light Radiance Splendor in a nutshell

Light Radiance Splendor is not a book I consciously intended to write. A story set in Eastern Europe and Israel, organized around a kabbalistic mythology was an anathema to my family. Their response to questions about ancestry was “you don’t want to know.” Actually I did want to know. I came to the study of kabbalah by way of my larger interest in spirituality, and a particular teacher delivered me a message that became the impetus for this book. “You [...]

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The Call of Destiny

Talk about wildly creative, every human being is a completely unique creation. Like snowflakes, there is no possibility that any person throughout all of time and space could ever be the same. DNA aside, the ever- changing external influences can never be replicated. The externals can never be the same, nor is anyone born a blank canvas ready to simply be impressed by circumstance. Our differences are evident at birth. Physical appearance, temperament, proclivity, relational style, express themselves in very [...]

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Hard Rock Casino on Christmas Eve

The day before Christmas and I’m celebrating my mother’s ninetieth birthday party at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, Florida. Raised in the chaos, the sense of something destructive and hidden lurking in our home, the slow, painful awareness of my mother’s addictions, I was hardly elated by my son’s suggestion that we celebrate her birthday here, but at ninety I suppose she is entitled to doing what gives her pleasure. My son hands her a big wad of hundreds [...]

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Intrinsic Value

Recently I was privy to the temper tantrum of an ordinarily mature friend who temporarily regressed to the level of his three year old son. His wife had shared with me that this kind of acting out happened fairly occasionally but enough to disturb their family life. Now I understood what she was describing. My first reaction was one of anger and judgment. How could my friend justify his own acting out behavior? My reaction soon turned to compassion when [...]

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Opening the Heart

My quiet suburban neighborhood, chosen decades ago for its excellent school system, has recently become a mecca for builders who in taking advantage of the new lenient zoning laws have bought the three lots abutting my house, and are erecting condos with enough square footage to house three families. The noise and dust are close to intolerable, but even more disturbing is the fact that they insist on using every square foot of property and each building- three stories high- [...]

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