Quotations from Light Radiance Splendor

The mission you and I serve is a mission of love for a world in such need. You have listened and responded to My call. You have trusted a journey that cannot be understood except with the heart” – Shekinah

The world cannot be redeemed until every soul is redeemed.”

A kabbalist serves as a bridge from the unhealed past to the healed future.” – The Great Rebbe

Religions give answers, but kabbalah asks questions that lead us further and further into unknowing.”

I’m only wise in that I’ve used the tragedies in my life to become a person who can guide others. That makes an ordinary person a wise person…” – Rebbe Moshkovitz

The concept of enemy was created by man and therefore needs to be uncreated by man” – the Great Rebbe

My people, we are not oppressed. No matter who or what imprisons us, if our minds are free, then we are free…” – Ibrahim

Keep knitting is my only message to you today. Find your own way of knitting the world back together. I assure you we are no longer alone. She is exiled no more. There is magic waiting to happen.” – Amala

How beautiful the world appears in this moment, even as it struggles to awaken. I’ve also struggled to awaken, for myself and for the world that I’m here to serve. I’ve struggled, doubted, fallen into despair, and ultimately prevailed.”  – Raphael